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• Farragut High School faculty are so thankful to have an entirely new administrative team. And even more elated that (former principal Ryan) Siebe is gone. He should never be allowed to remain in the school system at any level. However, that is another fight for another day.

• I just wanted to say how thankful this whole community is for the placement of the new principal at Farragut (High School, Dr. John Bartlett). We need to pray for him as he seeks to bring some healing to the toxic dump left behind by previous administrators. There’s still a lot of concerns that we have that people who leave such messes not only get promoted — they did it not only in our school, but at previous schools got promoted — so there’s a lot of questions as to why they are still on the payroll. And I hope (Knox County Schools system) will address that.

• Yet another week (went) by without Peterson Road into Kingsgate paved. This is the fourth week now that we’ve been without a road. I’d like to know how long that would go on in Fox Den or Village Green? (Editor’s note: paving began on Peterson Road this week)

• The good ‘ole Town wall on Campbell Station (Road): so you mean to tell me it’s taken 18 months, and now they’re deciding what should go on the wall? That’s the Town of Farragut for you.