Lawn Love has similar app to Uber

Lawn Love, an app similar to Uber or Lyft but for professional lawn care services, is launching in Farragut.

“The service enables its users to instantly schedule, review and pay for various types of yard work through the use of a mobile app or website,” Lawn Love founder/CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi said.

He started Lawn Love, an early-stage technology company, in 2014 when he realized “the traditional lawn care industry was often cumbersome and hugely inconvenient for homeowners.

“Traditionally, customers must call around and have providers come to their home, view their property and give them a quote,” Yamaguchi said. “They must then schedule a service and pay with cash or a check. This whole process can be exhausting.

“These inconveniences were often born out of the fact that lawn care operations often lack the resources to run their business in a modern way,” he added. “At the point of realizing this, I had already been working in the on-demand home services space, having founded and run a home cleaning marketplace (Golden Shine) for several years.”

After selling Golden Shine, Yamaguchi immediately set about building Lawn Love to improve lives of homeowners and lawn care business operators.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing lawn care into the 21st century,” he said.

Yamaguchi works out of his headquarters in San Diego. He explained the platform is powered by satellite imaging software, which reviews a property and generates a quote in less than two minutes.

“Traditionally consumers have had to wait for a lawn care worker to physically come to their property, offer a quote and schedule the service,” Yamaguchi said. “It can take weeks to get the job done after initial contact was made.”

Since 2014, Lawn Love has completed more than 500,000 jobs across 120 cities, Yamaguchi said.

“Lawn Love has partnered with hundreds of small lawn care businesses across the state,” he said. “They aim to provide these businesses with innovative scheduling, job routing and payment software that will help business owners streamline their operations.”