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• The “new” improvements to Peterson Road have made it very hazardous. I travel it just about daily and have lived in Turkey Creek Woods for over 30 years. Coming up Peterson, the lane is so narrow that I have to dodge mailboxes while trying to maintain my lane. It is hard to watch both sides so as to not damage a mirror or collide with oncoming traffic. Coming down Peterson, I get over to the right as much as possible so as to give those coming up the road as much room as possible. During my 30 years, I have never seen a biker or walker coming up Peterson. It is just too steep for either. There are several blind spots on this road where you cannot see the oncoming traffic. It is just a matter of time before we have collisions because of the “new” improvements. Garbage trucks, fire trucks and other large wide trucks cannot keep their vehicles in that narrow lane. Please re-stripe the road and give each lane equal room to safely navigate this road. The old way was just fine.

• The southbound lane on Peterson Road going up the hill needs to be widened. My wife and I have lived here for 40 years, and we’ve never been run off the road until this past week. A guy swerved over, we were going south and he was coming down (the hill), and swerves over across the two yellow lines. We had less than eight feet; my wheels went up on the curb there. I missed a mailbox and he swerved back. I think he was texting or on the phone. I don’t know if he ever saw us — but we had nowhere to go, the lane is so narrow. I wish that the Town would reconsider and change those lanes because, if they don’t, they may as well get their legal department ready because, for sure, something is going to happen and there will be some kind of legal ramifications that they will have to address, some kind of (law)suit. So please consider widening the southbound lane on Peterson Road.