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• We would like to see the old Kroger become a YMCA.

• My suggestions for the Old Kroger space are as follows: Lowe’s, Home Depot or a Nordstrom Rack.

• Either Home Depot or Lowe’s would be a good fit for (the Old Kroger) building.

• The recent narrowing of Peterson Road is a welcome change from the large lanes that invited people to speed down from the top of the hill. Complaints about “dodging mailboxes” are completely ridiculous for any competent driver arriving in anything less than a semi. It is now much safer for pedestrians and cyclists that live in the neighborhood.

The research on the width of roads is clear that narrower roads are safer for everyone involved. I hope the city of Farragut doesn’t cave to those resistant to the betterment of their community or who still haven’t figured out how to safely drive after 30 years.

• I am calling in regards to the Old Kroger site in Farragut. And my suggestion for a possibility of a business there would be L.A. Fitness. Our gym has over 600 clubs in the United States and Canada, and has a friendly atmosphere and a range of different facilities inside the complex. They offer everything from a full-service gym to very, very reasonable prices. And you get the same things at this affordable gym that you get at an expensive gym.

They offer everything from hot tubs to fitness classes (such as) yoga, Pilates, Zumba and more. They’re reasonable, they’re clean. They have monthly and annual memberships. ... It would really be a nice competition there, and it would be a great location, centrally located right in the Town of Farragut.

• With regard to the (ThroughtheLens) in the (Aug. 29) paper suggesting (Presstalk feedback) for names of businesses to take over the Old Kroger store, one suggestion would be Menard’s, which is a store similar to Lowe’s or Home Depot. It’s headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and has more than 300 home improvement stores located from Kentucky to North Dakota — but not yet in Tennessee. ... That would be a good addition.

• Regarding what we would like to see in the “old Kroger property,” we would like to see a skywalk from the (Farragut High) School campus for students ... nicely done with a city or Farragut logo on the bridge.

We would like to see part of the parking lot made into rec sports tennis / basketball courts for FHS students, especially tennis courts as our high school teams have no “home” courts to play on.

We would like to see the rest of the area made into a small green/commons area for parents and students to meet and eat lunch together. Farragut is blessed to have quality educational institutions and the city should promote a nice campus around them. This would be a great draw when families relocating to Knox (County) choose an area to raise a family.

Please, no more auto parts stores, nail salons or strip malls. Please.