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• (As for filling the old Kroger building along Kingston Pike across from the Lendon Welch Way entrance to Farragut High School), I would like to see a mixture of things: I like the skywalk from the high school idea (also mentioned in last week’s Presstalks). But also, build (FHS) home tennis courts and turn the actual building into a science lab for Farragut/Knox County.

• I would like to see, in the old Kroger area, a free community center where it has indoor basketball courts, indoor soccer and roller skating.

• What a brilliant idea the caller had last week (Presstalk in Sept. 5 issue) recommending the old Kroger property being converted to a sports area and a (inaudible) for our FHS students. This could also include an inside area for games, meetings and even an area for children’s parties and events. This could be a wonderful extension of the school campus, especially with a skywalk. Mayor and aldermen please consider this.

• I live in Kingsgate. I think they made a mistake on the Peterson Road improvement — they’re definitely not improvements. I really do believe it’s dangerous now, and I think something is going to happen. And then maybe something will be changed. In the meantime, maybe our officials of the Town, maybe have a meeting at the base of Peterson Hill and walk up and see how many bicyclers or walkers go up that hill. If they had the same thing happen in their subdivision, it might make them think a little more about it. But this is a dangerous situation over there, and something will happen unless there’ll be some changes.