Town of Farragut’s Tourism/Advisory Committee voted early Tuesday, Sept. 10, to recommend the Board of Mayor and Aldermen consider establishing a Hotel/Motel tax, which would be earmarked for tourism.

While a date has not been determined when the Board might entertain the matter, it would be the third time in six years BOMA would be considering the tax — most recently voting it down in 2018. What’s your opinion about this tax? It doesn’t target residents, unless it’s indirectly when having relatives staying in a Farragut hotel or motel, and would bring in needed revenue. Yet it’s still a tax, so could such a move to enact this tax create a slippery slope leading to the passage of other Town taxes? Could it hurt visitation to the Town, with the tax creating higher room fees and therefore driving away visitors who otherwise would lodge here and spend money in Town? What do you think? Contact us about this, or other topics, by calling 671-TALK (8255) or by e-mailing