Town Tidbits

The following “Town Tidbits” came from the monthly meeting of Shop Farragut/Farragut Business Alliance Thursday morning, Sept. 19, in Town Hall Boardroom:

• “We are anticipating that the Phillips 66 group will be submitting something soon for us to review,” Farragut Mayor Ron Williams said about the long-abandoned former Phillips 66 convenience store at the corner of Kingston Pike and North Campbell Station Road.

• “We have had other inquiries from other businesses that are looking to move into Farragut,” Williams said. “The lady that has The Muse (Knoxville), which is out in Chilhowee Park and West Town Mall, she is looking for a site here in Farragut.”

• About Mind Yer Ps & Qs recently closing in Renaissance I Farragut, “The possibility of another (similar business) moving in is quite high,” Williams said.

• With the Entertainment zoning and grading plan already approved by Board of Mayor and Aldermen for TopGolf coming to Farragut along Outlet Drive, “the next thing will be the site plan,” Town administrator David Smoak said. “We anticipate (TopGolf) coming in next month for site plan (approval). … Assuming everything goes well there, then it will really be in their hands at that point to close the property and move forward.”

“Hopefully when we get a chance to review the site plan for TopGolf, it may give us a little more information about what else is going to be on the property,” Williams said.

• “I want to commend the mayor, the Town and the staff, the Board (of Mayor and Aldermen)” about landing TopGolf, Shop Farragut board member Jim Nixon said. “You have to recruit them, they don’t just show up. … I think the Town has made a major accomplishment by getting them to come here.”

• Concerning the new roundabout on Virtue Road, “Please go look at it, it’s very well decorated as far as the landscaping,” Williams said. “It’s nice white brick. I think it gives you kind of a snapshot of what the (new) subdivision’s going to be (Brookmere).”