KCSO police reports

• At 2:45 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 18, an alleged aggravated stalking victim came to the Family Justice Center to file for an Order of Protection, according to a Knox County Sheriff’s Office report. She recounted an incident Friday, Sept. 13, where she came to her residence and banged on the front door demanding the male inside leave the residence. The male responded by threatening to “flatten her tires,” the report stated. “She told him she was calling the police so he got in his vehicle and left the residence.” Victim went to her parents’ house, where law enforcement officials met her.

During the day Sept. 18 the male called “five times from different numbers, but mostly from his mother’s number,” the report also stated. “She told him to leave her alone. As she was leaving house (Sept. 18), he was hiding on the porch, and when she opened the front door he forced his way into the home, causing the door to hit her in the chin. She stated he raised his hand in a striking manner toward her, causing her to fear bodily injury. She was able to get in her car but had to maneuver around his car because he had blocked her in. She left the residence and went to a local grocery store to call the police. Warrants have been filed.