Concord: ‘turn of events’ via Rep. Zachary

Farragut’s General Assembly state rep has heard citizen complaints about traffic back-ups on Concord Road during its widening project — specifically turn lane closures and delays at Turkey Creek Road.

And he’s apparently gotten results.

Through social media, Rep. Jason Zachary (R-District 14) released a statement Thursday, Oct. 31: “I did want to let you know that I’ve talked to Steve Borden, who is the (Tennessee Department of Transportation) Region 1 director. I actually talked to him about 15 minutes ago, and within the next five to seven days going southbound and making a right on Turkey Creek (Road), that right lane is going to be open in the next five to seven days.”

It took less than 48 hours.

Saying he had been “in constant communication with TDOT over the last couple of months regarding the project on Concord Road,” Zachary stated he shared citizen “frustration” about the delays.

“I’m right there with you. I’ve literally traveled that road about every day (or) every other day, and so it’s extremely frustrating the congestion both north and southbound.

“Northbound turning left (at Turkey Creek Road), right now TDOT is evaluating how to safely alleviate the left-turn congestion because the (traffic signal) arrow is off right now, so he suggested (the possibility of) turning that back on, they’re looking at that,” Zachary added. “Looking actually at shifting the lane, seeing what they have to do to make sure we avoid any head-on (collisions) that may happen there.

“That evaluation is going on right now. We’re going to have a remedy there in the next two weeks to alleviate that congestion going left.”

Zachary defined it as “a mess — I know it is, TDOT knows it is. Many of you have reached out to TDOT directly,” he stated. “But just know that we’ve got a resolution on the way, at least while TDOT finishes up this road project.

“It’s a issue, again we’re on it — we’re not going to let this one go,” Zachary added. “I’ll give you an update from Steve as soon as I’ve got one over the next five to seven days.”

TDOT response

“We’ve received a number is e-mails from the public about this project and appreciate their feedback,” said Mark Nagi, Public Relations officer with TDOT Region I. “The public is always welcome to contact us and comment on anything related to the Tennessee Department of Transportation.”

Borden did not respond to a request, through Nagi, for comment on Zachary’s notice.

Nagi conveyed the following about project updates:

“West side” work

“The contractor is continuing installation of storm drainage, as well as grading operations, along the west side of Concord Road between Loop Road and the sewer plant access road. This work is in preparation of constructing the new western alignment of Concord Road.

“The contractor is currently waiting for approval for a temporary railway crossing to continue constructing the new western alignment of the bridge.

“Once the contractor receives approval, the contractor will continue work on the bridge by beginning excavation for the northern bent foundation.”

Traffic notices

“The contractor will continue to install a gas line along and across Concord Road. The utility work will require a temporary lane closure in the right lane northbound on Concord Road. This closure will occur during non-commute hours (9 a.m. to 3 p.m). Summerdale Drive and Turkey Creek Road will not be affected by this work.

“The contractor will also continue relocating the electric line along Concord Road.

“This may intermittently mean temporary power outages while transferring lines and transformers. These operations will receive approval from Lenoir City Utility Board prior to taking place.

“First Utility District is performing water relocations out-of-contract at the Summerdale Drive and Concord Road intersection.

“This work has utilized temporary closures of Summerdale Drive from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

More specific details regarding when these operations are taking place can be addressed by FUD.”