Concord Road Phase 1 work laid out — no timetable

There are three phases of construction for the Concord Road Widening Project.

However, no timetable for completion of Phase I was released despite a request for one from Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Timetable for completion of the entire project is Fall 2021, TDOT recently confirmed.

Phase 1 work details follow from Mark Nagi, TDOT Community Relations Officer, Region I: 

 “Phase 1 consists of performing clearing and grubbing, grading operations, bridge construction, traffic control, signal improvements and paving for widening Concord Road.  

“The widening in this phase will be along the east side of existing (Concord Road) between Summerdale Drive and Fairground Drive and along the west side of (Concord Road) from the beginning of the project to Turkey Creek Road and from Fairground Drive to Northshore Drive.

“This work includes the relocation of several utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric and communications). Widening these sections ... includes installing storm drain from the beginning of the project at Loop Road to the end of the project at the Northshore Drive round-a-bout.  Grading operations must be complete before stone is laid

on the proposed roadway. Construction of these sections also includes curb and gutter, sidewalks, side roads, driveways and installing a bypass ramp and island from southbound (Concord Road) to westbound Northshore Drive.

“Phase 1 also involves constructing the southbound side of the proposed (Concord Road) bridge and abutments over the railway.”