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• I would like to thank the men who have been working so hard on the lights in the park, Founders (Park at Campbell Station) by the library. Also, I would like to thank them for always keeping those greenways clear for walkers. Those men who work there are friendly and such hard workers. Farragut is lucky to have them.

• I wish someone could tell me, are there now two official lanes turning into (Farragut) Primary School on Campbell Station Road? If so, unlike the rest of Farragut (there’s no) turning arrow or a going straight arrow. Otherwise, primary school parents please stay in the middle turning lane only because you only frustrate the drivers who get stuck behind you as they proceed straight legally. Maybe putting up (traffic) cones ... to keep you front creating a turning lane would be helpful. Please find out the logistics and the legality of this for me so we’ll know whether this is a turning lane or a going straight lane.