Admiral Spirit: FIS fourth-grade awardees listed by class

Karen Priode’s FIS fourth-graders, from left, Suzuna Yamamoto, Xavier Bowman, Claire Cox and Rachel Mao, were among FIS students to earn Admiral Spirit Awards, as presented during an assembly Friday, Jan. 17. Complete third and fifth-grade list in next week’s issue

Farragut Intermediate School recently rewarded its students in each grade for exhibiting “Admirable” traits of honor, courage and steadfastness during an assembly in FIS gymnasium Friday, Jan. 17.

Admiral Spirit Award honorees in the fourth-grade are recognized with their homeroom teacher.

Polly Cowart’s class — Grace Yagodzinski, Autumn Mohr, Cameron Dobbins and Daryna Bednarchyk; Pamela Czulewicz’s class — Landon Taylor, Jackson Wallace, Emily Moore and Savannah Long; Connie Eldridge’s class — Bennett Barcroff, Camden Oakley, Beth Robinson and Camryn Shrader; Allison Fritz’s class — Cooper Gentry, Henry Williams Abby Pettet and Katie Barnes; Kristi Gallaher’s class — Brianna Rodriquez, Blair Thurman, Logan Voelker and Noah Partin; Susan Johnson’s class — Jade Buckner, Laurie Kate Ellison, Logan Curtis and Raeanne Ellsworth; Claire Kelly’s class — Olivia Eason, Alaina Dickey, Dylan Parks and Nathan Rondione; Debra MacTavish’s class — Nisha Ramanan, Abigale Liu, Hailey Aiken and Ryder Meade; Michelle McArthur’s class — Grant Kraemer, Caleb Floyd, Madeline Prowell and Annabelle Wilkinson; Stephanie Ott’s class — Ava Bassett, Nico Prado, Raahi Patel and Grant Campbell; Allison Petrie’s class — Jeffrey Iriza, Makenzie Shelby, Julia Rector and Tucker Williams; Lora Pope’s class — Rhayna Tatum, Dayton Parks, Miller Rothenberg and Matthew Cantu; Karen Priode’s class — Suzuna Yamamoto, Xavier Bowman, Rachel Mao and Claire Cox; Andrea Roman’s class — Talia Pohl, Lucas Spadafora, Hadley Moersdorf and Skyler Meade; Erin Tharp’s class — Hunter Burris, Brayden Atwell, Lorena Hintar and Ashley Nguyen; Mary Tinsley’s class — Belle Smith, Joanna Hedge, Liam Fernandez and Jackson Sharp.

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