Turning a ‘page’ in Senate

Nathan Walker, an eighth-grade student at Farragut Middle School, served as a page in the Tennessee State Senate Thursday, March 12. With gavel in hand, Nathan was sponsored by State Sen. Ken Yager, right, (R-Kingston). “Nathan is a bright eighth-grade student participating in all honors courses and has received multiple academic recognitions from various organizations,” Yager said. “He plays the alto saxophone in his school band and has the lofty goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in biochemistry one day. I am so proud to have him serving with me today.”

Page duties consist of anything from making copies and running errands to distributing legislative information to members of the General Assembly.  They report to the Chief Clerk of House and Senate. Nathan also is joined Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, far left, (R-Oak Ridge) and Sen. Richard Briggs (R-District 7, including Farragut).