COVID-19 town leaders

A message from Board of Mayor-Aldermen, Smoak

These are unprecedented times. Our Town, along with the rest of the world, is facing a challenge that most of us have never imagined. Efforts to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus have impacted our businesses, our schools and our way of life, and we still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your Board of Mayor and Aldermen, along with Town staff, share your concerns for the future. We are especially sympathetic to the small business owners who are limiting their offerings or shuttering their businesses indefinitely.

Others have lost jobs or fear losing jobs. These are trying times, and we want you to know that we all hurt when our community hurts.

The Town of Farragut’s vision is to redefine quality of life with a beautiful, close-knit, connected community where families and businesses thrive. To return to a place where our residents thrive, we need to focus on connectedness.

That means checking on our more vulnerable neighbors and supporting local merchants financially as we can.

But it also means social distancing. As hard as it is, the better we are at staying home, the faster we’ll stop the spread of the virus. Even if you’re not concerned for your own health, please stay home for the safety of friends, family and neighbors.

In an effort to protect our community, Farragut Town Hall and Community Center are closed to the public, but staff will continue to serve residents in whatever capacity we can.

While the March 26 board meeting has been canceled, we are researching ways to conduct public meetings that will keep staff, elected officials, volunteers and the public safe.

As of this week, Farragut parks are open for passive use only. Park restrooms, playgrounds and athletic fields are closed. Please stay 6 feet away from other parties while walking on trails and greenways.

The information about closures changes daily — sometimes hourly.

For the latest updates, please see or

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We believe that Farragut will come through this crisis stronger than we were before if we support each other. Let’s be kind, generous and thoughtful to our neighbors and protect one another by staying apart. And let’s be done with this virus as soon as possible.

Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen

Town administrator David Smoak

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