KCHD: ‘Some have fully recovered’ among Knox coronavirus cases; non-essential biz close list

As of early afternoon Tuesday, March 24, Knox County Health Department said there were 13 coronavirus cases in the county.

Of that number, “We know that some people have fully recovered,” said Dr. Martha Buchanan, KCHD senior director. “We do know that some people are being cared for in hospitals … in Knox County.”

Concerning the expansion of testing beyond KCHD, “We are continuing to work with our health care partners every day to expand testing,” she said. “It’s one of our chief priorities.”

Testing outlets include “local providers and hospitals, and more are coming on-board every day,” Buchanan added. “We encourage you call ahead if you feel like you need to be tested for COVID-19.”

As for how to stay active during this crisis, “We want them to get outside and exercise,” she said about Knox Countians while advising social distancing (at least 6 feet). “We’re going to leave the (Knox) parks open as long as we can.”

Otherwise, “Please stay home as much as you can,” Buchanan added.

Businesses mandated to close at least through Monday, April 6, in Knox County:

• On-site activities at hospitality, educational and entertainment venues, businesses and facilities. Online activities and deliveries through these businesses may continue.

• Personal appearance businesses including hair, nail, massage, tattoo, tanning, waxing and other such facilities are directed to close, except when the service is medically necessary.

• Public and private social clubs have been directed to close.

For more info: knoxcounty.org/health

Town biz, parks updates

For further updates on Town of Farragut businesses, go to farragutbusiness.com or visit Farragut/West Knoxville Take-Out, Delivery & Service Options amid COVID-19 and Knoxville Store Status on Facebook.

Also visit www.farragutparksandrec.org for the latest on Farragut parks, which remain open yet have closed bathrooms according to Town officials.