Safe-Dry offers select free services

A Farragut business is reaching out to help schools and churches with their sanitation needs to help speed up re-opening.

Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Farragut, 11852 Kingston Pike, is providing free sanitation services to those entities in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Right now times are hard and will likely get tougher as the weeks progress,” said Reece Jernigan, owner of Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Farragut. “My Safe-Dry family wants you, our neighbors, in the community we live to feel safe — safe in our homes, in our churches and, God save the children, our schools.

“The Safe-Dry family understands how trying these times are for each of us and our families,” he added. “With fear of illness and economic collapse looming overhead, our best fight against the odds is prayer and unity.”

However, to respond to immediate needs, Jernigan said, “Our family will donate dollar-for-dollar from in-home sanitation cleanings’ toward the sanitation of our local churches and schools.

“We are honored to be in a position to give back in this way,” he added.

“We hope, by offering this to our friends and neighbors, that we will create a closer bond and stronger unity within the community.”

Safe-Dry started the project March 23.

“We brainstormed ideas on how we can better help our community combat the fear with solutions,” Jernigan said.

“Please help support our local congregations and school houses so that we may come together and praise our Creator for his many blessings in this darkening time,” he added.

Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Farragut has been operating for three years, but Jernigan’s family has been in the carpet cleaning industry for more than 30 years.

“Safe-Dry is more than just a carpet cleaning company,” Jernigan said. “We clean all flooring surfaces, as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. We even clean rugs.

“Safe-Dry uses a hypoallergenic, child- and pet-safe, chemical-free solution to clean your items and spaces,” he added. “Our sanitation solution is a proven killer of the human coronavirus.

“We use a solution that creates an emulsification reaction when met with the dirt and grime inside and on surfaces of our floors.”

Making a comparison to common household ingredients, “It behaves much like baking soda and vinegar: foaming and actually breaking down and eating away the harmful germs living beneath the surface and lifting soot and set-in stains left by spills and pets,” Jernigan said.

“Furthermore, our process dries in minutes of completion,” he added. “We also provide a 14-day satisfied client service guarantee.”

For more information, call 865-248-5130 or 865-233-9347, or e-mail or