Town Temp Sign Order thru Apr 27

Following discussion between Mayor Ron Williams, Town administrator David Smoak and Community Development director Mark Shipley, a Temporary Sign Order for Town of Farragut — to better help businesses tell potential customers they are open and how they may be operating in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic — was worded and made “effective immediately” Friday, March. 27.

“The Town wishes to take measures to help minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to our business community,” Smoak stated in a press release.

The following temporary sign “provisions” are the result:

• Each business may be permitted (without applying for a permit) one freestanding sign per vehicular access into the development, not to exceed 20 square feet in size and 6 feet in height.

• If a business already has a Shop Farragut temporary sign, the business may use that sign without applying for a permit and it will not count toward the number of Shop Farragut signs allotted to each business per calendar year.

• All temporary signs permitted herein shall be set back at least 15 feet from the edge of the public street and shall not create an obstruction to the visibility of motorists.

• No wind-activated signs shall be permitted.

• This temporary sign policy shall be effective immediately and end at 12:01 a.m., April 27.

• This order may be extended by the Town as necessary.

For questions, call Holley Marlowe (or visit, Bart Hose (or visit or Mark Shipley (or visit at 865-966-7057.