To support Town biz, easy food option, ‘neighborhood ordering’ expansion mulled

Looking to expand “neighborhood ordering,” labeled as an efficient way to serve a given subdivision, for example, while supporting an individual Farragut restaurant on a given day in light of Coronavirus, was mulled by Shop Farragut/Farragut Business Alliance during its audio meeting Thursday morning, March 26.

Member David Purvis made reference to, where “a lot of the neighborhoods are out talking about ‘neighborhood dine-out night,’ where they all coordinate and all order from one restaurant a couple of days in advance, that way they can make one delivery of the neighborhood.

“It gets the neighborhoods behind that individual restaurant,” he added about dine-out night.

However, member and Town Vice Mayor Louise Povlin said to Purvis, “Out in Fox Run (her home) we are not connected (to like your neighborhood. We’re not connected to Concord Hills, and we’re not connected to Hardin Valley.

“… I’m working on trying to get us all connected,” she added. “… Would it be helpful to have a Shop Farragut nextdoor page? … Could we set up a public agency for Shop Farragut?”

Sue Stuhl, Town Parks & Leisure Services director, said, “I’m not sure nextdoor is allowing that. They (allow) public agencies or governments or utilities.”

However, “We’ll get Wendy (Smith, Town Public Relations & Marketing coordinator) to ask on that,” Stuhl added.

David Smoak, Town administrator, suggested “getting some kind of information to … nextdoor saying that you and your neighborhood want to do a Dining Night Out, where they deliver to your neighborhood, contact(ing) Steve to get the word out to the restaurants — maybe do some kind of coordinated effort?”

“We can definitely do that,” Stuhl said in response.

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