21 and counting: Rainwater on National Teacher Honor Roll/Accelerated Reader

Before Spring Break and the coronavirus outbreak, Amy Rainwater, a first-grade teacher at Concord Christian School, submitted the requirements necessary for continuing to be listed on the Renaissance Learning National Teacher Honor Roll for the Accelerated Reader program.

She recently learned she has earned the distinction for what is the 21st year in a row, according to a press release.

Renaissance, the global leader in pre-K-through high school education technology, recognizes educators around the nation who have implemented reading programs successfully and have led their students to meet or exceed data targets that research shows leads to significant student growth.

Renaissance provides educators with research-based data targets for reading, as well as strategies that lead to an effective and sustainable implementation. 

National Honor Roll is designed to help educators tap into the power of reading by guiding their implementation in ways that promote and accelerate student growth.

Participating in National Honor Roll provides educators the ability to engage in conversations with fellow educators using the programs via Renaissance Royals, a community for Renaissance educators.

Rainwater has taught at Concoard Christian for 17 years, having previously taught publically in Knox County Schools for eight years.

Rainwater and her husband live in West Knox County.