Town Temporary Sign Policy extended to June 1

To continue helping Town of Farragut businesses in the wake of COVID-19, Town officials have extended the Temporary Sign Policy through 12:01 a.m., June 1.

The following new requirements are listed:

• Each business may be permitted (without applying for a permit) one freestanding sign per vehicular access into the development not to exceed 20 square feet in size and six feet in overall height.

• If a business already has a Shop Farragut temporary sign, the business may use that sign without applying for a permit and it will not count toward the number of Shop Farragut signs allotted to each business per calendar year.

• All temporary signs permitted herein shall be set back at least 15 feet from the edge of the public street and shall not create an obstruction to visibility of motorists.

• No wind-activated signs shall be permitted

• This order may be extended by the Town as necessary.

Should you have any questions about the provisions noted or need any sign-related assistance, contact either Holley Marlowe, Bart Hose or Mark Shipley at 865-966-7057.

They may also be reached at the following e-mail addresses: Holley Marlowe; Bart Hose; Mark Shipley