Cancelled season senior salutes

Softball: Green ‘heartfelt’ for new senior starters; HVA 2020 Class ‘mature enough to handle’ issue

Local softball head coaches react to the cancellation of the 2020 TSSAA high school season.

Nick Green of Farragut: “I’m sad and very disappointed for my athletes. Some of them have been with me for seven years, from middle school into high school.”

With three Lady Admirals having signed to play college baseball, Green spoke about his other two Farragut seniors.

“Heartfelt for my senior pitcher Abigail Greene (new staff ace), who has worked really hard. ... My senior outfielder Anna Lynn, who had a season-ending injury last year, worked really hard to come back for her senior year.”

Whitney Hickam-Cruze of Hardin Valley Academy: “It’s just basically a punch in the gut.

“Just to think about all the hard work you’ve put in this off-season leading up to the regular season, then not get to play hardly any games. It’s tough to swallow right now.

“I had a group of five seniors, and a couple of them were with me since they were in the sixth grade.

“This group was just really special; they are a very mature group; just wise beyond their years.

“And strong leaders.”

“As I tell the parents, ‘My heart doesn’t break with this group, it swells with pride’ because if this was going to happen to any senior class, I know that my seniors on this team were the ones that were mature enough and strong enough to handle it.”