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• If you are at the grocery store or drug store, a doctor’s office, veterinarian’s office (or) anywhere where you might see other people who are wearing masks and/or gloves who are trying to protect themselves, their families, their friends or community from the COVID(-19) virus, we respect the fact that they are doing this and take the requisite (inaudible). I know a lot of people out here think it is some sort of hoax or that there’s no way that they’re going to get it. You may not care about your health or your family’s health, but please respect others who do.

• I read the Letter to the Editor in (April 16 issue of) farragutpress about the danger of 5G cell towers. There’s been a lot of research on electromagnetic radiation, and typically they’ve found that it isn’t a big deal. People should look at it, I agree, but this fear of the 5G is a theory that (Russian President) Vladimir Putin and his Russian disinformation campaign have been pushing strongly in the U.S., so verify any sources you get. Just warning that this is something that Russia is pushing.