More utility line breaks reported in Stonecrest

Less than two weeks after a water line and a gas line were ruptured in Stonecrest by subcontractors installing underground 5G cable, two sewer lines breaks were reported in the same neighborhood, also apparently caused during the line installation.

Resident Scott Adams e-mailed Farragut Mayor Ron Williams and a long list of other officials and individuals Sunday, April 26, informing them of the sewer break, which occurred earlier in the day.

“Just want to let everyone know Verizon cut a sewer line at the end of Sonja,” Adams wrote. “So now we have toilets that are leaking over. Wanted to let everybody else know to check their toilets as well. Repair is being done as we speak by First Utility.”

Pat Spangler, project engineer with First Utility District, confirmed the incident via e-mail Monday.

“We did have a customer call in with a sewer backup over the weekend that was caused by a damaged sewer pipe from a recent bore,” Spangler stated. “The line was marked and the bore was actually in the customer’s 4-inch line right near where it connected into FUD’s line. 

“We could not determine where the line was hit with our camera because of the dirt and gravel that migrated from the 4-inch (customer line) into our line.  Therefore, we excavated the line today and repaired it.”

In that same e-mail, Spangler added, “We think they got into another just upstream ... .”

If confirmed, that will be the third line First Utility District has had to repair during the 5G fiber installation in Stonecrest.

Spangler said the cost to repair “depends on the depth of the line and the time it takes to repair it. Can range anywhere from $300 to $1,500. If asphalt or concrete driveways are involved, even more.”

MasTec is the subcontractor for Verizon on the project. The company received approval for the 5G fiber installation from Farragut Municipal Planning Commission in December, and is on the Tuesday, May 5, Staff/Developer Meeting agenda regarding a request for more fiber installation along portions of North Campbell Station Road, Cottage Creek subdivision, portions of the Cove at Turkey Creek, Stonecrest and Sweet Briar subdivisions, and along West End Avenue.

Kate Jay, who manages public relations for Verizon in the South Area, acknowledged the breaks, but added, “Those connections are not marked. All work to date has been in strict compliance. And we will ensure that continues throughout the process.”