letter to the editor

Keep fighting the effort to install 5G; health issues noted

Political storm clouds are raging over the Town of Farragut. Federal, state and local politicians swear by oath to protect the health and welfare of the citizens of the United States. They have failed to protect the citizens’ rights to good health by allowing wireless companies to locate 5G small cell towers in our neighborhoods.

Health studies have not been done by the FCC or the wireless industry showing the electromagnetic field radiation transmitted by these antenna is safe. There are too many unknown health risks with locating 5G small cell towers in neighborhoods, schools, etc., to proceed without completing these studies by independent scientific vendors.

In 1996, a law was passed by Congress called the Telecommunications Act. A portion of that law required that no cellular tower or antenna could be prohibited due to health risks. By enacting this law, Congress took away citizens’ right to protect their health. In my opinion, this is unconstitutional and should be overturned by the U. S. Supreme Court.

State of Tennessee Legislators passed a law on April 12, 2018, Public Chapter No. 819, House Bill No. 2279 allowing wireless companies to locate small cell antenna in right-of-way of towns and neighborhoods. Also, aesthetics of the antennas for a defined area were addressed.

Underground fiberoptic cable connecting to hard lines for customer service is the best option for aesthetics and not an antenna positioned on a foundation above ground. This bill should be rewritten allowing towns to opt out of a 5G utility that is not needed. 4G supplies all the broadband service that citizens need.

We implore our State Representative, Jason Zachary (R-District 7), to lead revision or repeal of H.B. 2279 when TACIR reports back to the Tennessee House in January 2021. Jason, we need your leadership to protect us!

With deployment of 5G, citizens will open up the possibility of losing control of everyday activities. Examples include: using cell phones to communicate, buying and selling, running cars, unlocking doors, using computers and cameras (facial recognition), etc.

If we give up control to 5G, we will be giving away some of our rights as citizens. China has already captured control of people by utilizing their 5G.

Say No to 5G.

Jerry Guthrie