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• I see where our Congressman (U.S. Rep Tim Burchett, R-2nd District) delivered Girl Scout cookies to fire stations (Friday, April 17). I know a local company, Tennessee Strategies, delivered Girl Scout cookies to fire halls (a few) weeks ago, except they were wearing masks and staying 6 feet away from the delivery point.

• (U.S. Rep.) Tim Burchett ... in the April 23 edition of the farragutpress (page 2A story): in referring to the coronavirus, Burchett said, quote, “I think it’s going to play out like (a virus) normally does. A cold sore is a virus, and there’s not a cure for that.” As of April 22, 41,683 people had died in the United States from the coronavirus, and 167 have died in Tennessee. Two questions for Burchett: how many people have died this year from cold sores? And, what medical license does he have to render such a foolish opinion?

(Editor’s Note: whether or not U.S. Rep. Burchett’s opinions about COVID-19, as expressed in the April 23 story, play out is one issue. But his reference to a cold sore was only to illustrate the resiliency of a virus, either harmless or deadly — as it relates to the difficulty of coming up with a vaccine to defeat any virus — not to compare the seriousness and tragedy brought about by the coronavirus with the inconvenience of a cold sore).