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• My first time out driving in two weeks and I couldn’t help but notice that someone has destroyed some beautiful trees growing in one of the islands along Grigsby Chapel Road near Farragut Commons. A real shame — they were quite nice trees, and I sincerely hope that whoever did that is going to have to reimburse the Town of Farragut for replacing them. And depending on the circumstances, it would be nice if they could actually help in replanting those trees.

• I’ve been a Farragut resident for 30 years, and I am 100 percent opposed to the installation of 5G in our neighborhood. The studies that are out there are conclusive that they are not safe. It will cause detrimental effects in the future to ourselves, our children and grandchildren. There are no safety studies showing that it is safe. It is all about greedy people wanting to make money; wanting to have faster speeds at the risk of and the expense of killing. ... I am 100 percent opposed to the installation of 5G. I say no to 5G.

• I am happy to see that the old Ingles shopping center has FINALLY been fixed up; and there is talk about doing something with the old Kroger store. But why does Farragut continue to build stores around Town that remain empty? Can we not leave some green spaces around the Town?? And I think that whatever they are building on the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road (Admiral’s Corner) is an eyesore.

• Please say no to 5G in Farragut and all surrounding areas. Do your research.