Door-to-door ceremony takes 3 days for CAK

Unable to safely hold graduation ceremonies for its seniors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christian Academy of Knoxville administrators instead brought the ceremony to its students.

Over a three-day period last week, a CAK crew nicknamed the “Grad Squad” graduated 35 seniors “door to door,” director Angela Keathley said.

“The students loved it,” she added.

Keathley was joined on the road by fellow “Grad Squad” members and school advisors Leslie Row, Kim Hooks and Beth Peters, who brought cookies and yard signs, along with the student’s diplomas for the abbreviated front-yard ceremonies.

“I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing each of you were today,” said Sharon Roberts, whose son, Joseph Roberts, was among the graduates. “I cried again calling my husband and telling him about it, and he was so glad we took pics to photoshop him in.

“... Joseph was so happy and thought it was the coolest graduation ever. We’ve adjusted our dinner plans tonight … so we can continue to celebrate that our baby has graduated high school ... .”

“I just cannot begin to tell you how special you’ve made it …. Y’all are simply wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”