letter to the editor

Town’s 5G ‘health effects’ resolution applauded by reader

Thanks to action taken by the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on Thursday, May 14, 2020, Resolution R-2020-05, a resolution concerning 5G Wireless Communication, was passed unanimously.

This resolution could pave the way to help get independent health studies conducted on 5G. The entire resolution can be read at: townoffarragut.org/AgendaCenter.

This resolution should be passed along to Gov. Bill Lee for executive action to halt 5G deployment until studies prove 5G installed in our neighborhoods is safe.

We need to protect our homes and families from being exposed to unknown health effects from deploying 5G antenna in our neighborhoods. These antenna could be installed about 500 feet apart or every two households. Installation of the 5G fiber optic cable has already incurred some damage to existing buried utilities thus increasing citizens’ concerns.

Only independent health studies will be able to assure the citizens of Farragut that the electromagnetic field radiation transmitted by 5G antenna is safe.

Jerry Guthrie