New pool rules for Village Green, other Farragut, Knox venues

Knox County Health Department has permitted opening pools, splashpads and water parks, which began Tuesday, 26 May.

Village Green Homeowners Association opened its Clubhouse Pool Wednesday, May 27.

The Monticello Pool will be delayed “as we await the delivery of two parts to repair the filtration system, filter the pollen suspended in the water and balance the water chemistry,” a subdivision press release stated. “It will not be open before Wednesday, June 3. Once it is opened, we will determine our opening and closing schedule based on usage.”

Guests will be held to the following requirements (also to be posted at the pools) “so that our 460-plus homeowners and their families can enjoy our pools through the summer,” the release further stated, adding more than 200 VGHOA Annual Membership Cards have been issued and will be needed for entry.

“All guests must have and use face masks when not in the water.”

To permit appropriate distancing, “Only 4-year-old and younger children may use the wading pools,” the release stated.

Other rules include:

• Deck chairs may be moved if 6 feet of distancing is maintained between households (families).

• A third, off-duty lifeguard will be cleaning surfaces as guests/families depart. There will be cleaning supplies in various locations around the pool area for guest use.

• Depending on pool usage, there may have to be a limit on the number of guests — or ask guests to limit their stay to two hours.

Health Department requirements

• The risks related to pools and other water venues are due to the tendency to congregate with others at these venues. When at least 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained outside of the water, employees (if staffed) and patrons must wear face coverings.

• Swimming or playing in a splashpad with a cloth face covering is prohibited — it is considered a potential hazard.

• Employees and patrons should make all efforts to maintain physical distancing between members of different households while swimming, playing, etc., except in emergency situations.

• Parents/guardians must follow physical distancing and cloth face covering guidelines while supervising children participating in recreational activities and ensure that children are able to comply with applicable guidelines (for example, physical distancing and wearing a cloth face covering).

• Teach and reinforce the use of cloth face coverings. Cloth face coverings should not be placed on babies or children younger than 2 years old.

• Patrons should bring their own towels.

• When pools and other water venues are required by their regulatory body to have a lifeguard, they must be staffed by an individual other than the lifeguard, who shall be responsible for maintaining safety protocols and cleaning.

• Facility owners are responsible for displaying signage about physical distancing and cleaning shared surfaces.

• Limit occupancy as needed to allow for the free movement of and maximizing of physical distancing between patrons. This must comfortably allow for the maintenance of a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing at all times between patrons from different households.

• Modify layouts of deck chairs and tables to be spaced to allow for at least 6 feet of physical distancing between groups of patrons from different households.

• Individual swim lessons and practice are permitted when following the other guidelines.

• Encourage lap swimming and consider other ways to reinforce physical distancing in the water and around the pool area.

• Facility owners are responsible for having cleaning products available for patrons to self-clean shared surfaces (chairs, railings etc.) before and after each use. Use cleaning products appropriate for aquatic venues to clean frequently touched surfaces, chairs and locker rooms.