Clorox Total 360 ready to battle virus concerns at new Community Center

The Farragut Community Center has a new way to keep surfaces clean, fresh and disinfected as it has reopened to the public.

The Parks and Recreation Department showed off its new Clorox Total 360 system last week in a hands-on demonstration in the Community Center’s Assembly Room, four days after the facility re-opened to the public under the Knox County Health Department’s Phase 2 Reopening Plan.

The Clorox Total 360 uses electrostatic technology and a disinfectant in the cleaning process, killing 99.9 per percent of bacteria “in 5 seconds,” a Town product fact sheet stated.

The unit cost almost $4,000, according to Parks & Recreation Director Sue Stuhl, and can

clean chairs, tables and surfaces in seconds.

“We just want people to know that we are taking cleaning and disinfecting very seriously,” Stuhl said. “We not only have this unit, but we are constantly cleaning, have ordered a fogger to supplement and also have products in every public room for people who wish to clean as they go.”

“It does not use bleach, just a disinfectant,” said Amy Boling, account representative for American Paper & Twine, which sells the units. “It is almost like a magnet.”

It also has the capability of sanitizing soft surfaces, and is used by staff members donning suggested protective gear in-between Community Center activities.

Boling said her company has sold “about 800” in the last two months.

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