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• As the 5G cell towers are so big and so controversial, the Town of Farragut, not citizens, need to have expert, all-purpose information. This is why it’s important for Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust be allowed to speak this Thursday, July 16, at the (Board of Mayor and Aldermen) workshop (begins 5:30 p.m.). This honest communication is important not only to maintain good community relationships, but to help our community be able to trust our local elected officials. If our Town Board does not agree with my (inaudible) question statement, I would like to know why?

• So, I’m hoping that you all will do some investigative work and try to find out how many times the new steps across from Admiral’s Corner (Campbell Station Plaza) have been built and torn down and rebuilt. I’m betting three, but it could be only two, though.