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• I would like to thank the (farragut)press for the articles this week (July 16 issue), particularly the one about Adm. (David Glasgow) Farragut and the idea of removing his bust from the Capitol of Tennessee. Even though I was not born in Farragut, I have lived in Tennessee a long time. I have come to appreciate the Concord-Farragut area a lot, and what the state and the Town stands for. And Adm. Farragut, I knew about him before, and this is one of the greatest Tennesseans, I believe. I agree with (state Sen. Richard) Briggs: to remove the bust would be almost like an insult to East Tennessee as far as I can see. I think Town officials should kind of keep this in mind before they take a stand to remove the bust of this great man. And by the way, there’s a book in the museum called “Full Speed Ahead” that is an excellent history of how our Town was founded; this would be the 40th year. It would be good to have a DVD, I think, of the Founding Fathers and what went on. Thank you so much for what you do, and I am definitely in favor of keeping Adm. Farragut’s bust in the Capitol.