Frequently Asked Questions: KCS Transportation ’20-21

(Information courtesy of Knox County Schools)

Will students receive a temperature check at their morning bus stop?

Temperatures will be taken when students arrive at school.

How will physical distancing be enforced on buses?

While it is possible to physically

distance on a bus, it is not operationally feasible due to the extreme loss of capacity that results. Buses will operate on a normal schedule on all designated routes. If parents elect

to use bus transportation, they

should ensure their children are fever-free prior to boarding the bus each day. Students who have a fever

or are otherwise ill should stay at home.

Weather and other conditions permitting, all windows on non-air conditioned buses will be open. Buses with air conditioning systems will not operate those systems in the recirculation mode.

Since physical distancing is not operationally feasible, what other safety precautions will be taken on buses?

Students will be required to wear an appropriate mask while in transit, and siblings should sit together when possible.

Buses will be disinfected following morning and evening runs with a COVID-effective agent provided to contractors by the district. KCS also will provide training in the proper use of the disinfectant.

Bus contractors will be responsible for implementing a pre-route driver temperature check to ensure no driver has a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater.

Will bus drivers be wearing masks?

Yes. Bus and shuttle drivers will wear an appropriate mask at all times while operating a vehicle.

My student rides the bus, and I work during the day. How will my student get home from school if the temperature check determines they have a fever?

Parents should ensure that students are fever-free prior to boarding the bus. If a fever is detected at school, parents will be asked to make arrangements to pick their child up just as they are any other time a child becomes sick at school.

What precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at bus stops?

The expectation is that parents will ensure that physical distancing and the use of masks are observed as appropriate at bus stops.

Hand sanitizer will be made available.