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• I was questioning the zoning, a 3-2 vote (from Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen) against (rezoning) the Ted Gibson property (along McFee Road, story on page 2A of July 30 issue). Ted Gibson had been ill; he was trying to develop his property as residential with detached homes.

Somehow it was turned down. Mayor (Ron) Williams even voted against it. How in the world was that turned down when you have the Pryse homes right across the street? And another question I have is how much has the Town of Farragut spent on the McFee Park additions? It looks like they’ve spent tons of money on that.

• I want to thank the (farragut)press again for these wonderful articles that you print. (In Aug. 6 issue, top of page 5A) you’ve got a lady in here, Sandra Hill, who is one of the finest people I’ve ever known, and she worked for Doug Horne (Horne Properties, Inc.). It was a great article. And I find out that they had (her) retirement get-together (Thursday, July 30). Guess who showed up at our house Sunday (Aug. 2) with a basket full of tomatoes and okra and corn and cucumbers? Sandra Hill. She was so nice to do this.

• I’m calling about the coverage of “Cops 4 Cooper” (story, page 1A, Aug. 6 issue). I’m looking at a photo of a group of individuals surrounding this child (age 4 cancer victim), who are officers, and not a single mask in sight. Not one. And the very next week, after this photo was taken (Friday, July 31), 15 individuals from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office tested positive for COVID(-19). I think it’s a shame that these officers surrounded (inaudible) this sick child and no one (showed) respect and wore a mask. I don’t know why the glorification of this? I hope that this child, and all the other in attendance, will be OK.

• I admired the show of law enforcement support for a little 4-year-old boy who is facing a long battle with cancer (“Cops 4 Cooper story” mentioned above). On page 4A of (Aug. 6) edition, 19 sheriff’s offices (and) Tennessee Highway Patrol ... are in a group picture, shoulder-to-shoulder (behind) Cooper and his family. Shockingly, not one in that picture has on a mask. We do care about cancer, but certainly can’t ignore the precautions and dangers of COVID(-19). Authorities have to set the example.