Clean up at FIS & FMS

  • Concord United Methodist Church members Rebecca Cantrell, second from left, and her children, from left, Susanna, Sam and John, tackled the sloping hill in front of Farragut Intermediate School.

  • Leading the clean-up efforts were, from left, Carla Sexton of the FMS PTA; Sarah Buchanan of the FIS PTA; and FIS assistant principals Stacy Hilliard and Amy Schumpert.

  • Nancy Rosencrans of One Life Church brought her dog, Buster, to help.

Teachers, students and parents are being welcomed back to Farragut Intermediate and Farragut Middle schools with a much cleaner and prettier campus, thanks to the efforts of more than 40 volunteers who worked onsite Saturday, Aug. 8.

The clean-up was organized by both schools’ Parent Teacher Associations, and members of those groups — along with volunteers from Concord United Methodist church, One Life Church and many others — helped weed, mulch, sweep and spruce-up the shared-school campuses.

“We were very happy with the turnout,” Carla Sexton, grounds chair of FMS PTA, said.