Pellissippi-Hardin Valley Exit work details given by TDOT

Motorists traveling along Pellissippi Parkway (State Route 162) through Hardin Valley are encountering construction at the Hardin Valley Road interchange.

“The project along State Route 162 (Pellissippi Parkway) at the Hardin Valley Road interchange in Knox County involves modification of the existing interchange covering approximately 0.6 miles,” a Tennessee Department of Transportation press release stated.

Mark Nagi, Region I TDOT Community Relations officer, said construction activities on the project, which began in June, are expected to be completed in July 2021.

“Lane shifts will still be continuing at night for the next week or so,” the release stated. “The southbound ramp at the intersection of Hardin Valley Road at Solway Road will be experiencing a small shift in order for the contractor to do shoulder/outside work on the ramp, but there will still be one lane maintained in each direction of the ramp, as well as the left turn lane at the signal.

“Charlevoix Road will remain closed through next week for utility work,” the release further stated.

“The existing interchange consists of Pellissippi Parkway, a four-lane divided highway and Hardin Valley Road, a four-lane divided roadway with left turn lanes. The configuration is similar to a partial cloverleaf design with traffic entering and exiting Pellissippi Parkway on the south side of the interchange.”

Located west of Knoxville, the release stated the work is being done because “the area around the interchange is heavily populated with commercial and residential developments, as well as Pellissippi State Community College.

“In the current configuration, motorists traveling west on Hardin Valley Road must turn left, crossing oncoming traffic, to access Pellissippi Parkway via northbound or southbound ramps,” according to the release.

“Additionally, the ramps to/from Pellissippi Parkway include abrupt curves.

“These two conditions cause traffic to back up on Hardin Valley Road and Pellissippi Parkway,” it stated, adding the planned improvements are designed to “improve the safety and operation of the interchange by increasing capacity, correcting geometric deficiencies and reducing congestion.”

The project will extend the on- and off-ramps to and from Pellissippi Parkway, according to the release.

“Concrete walls will be added along the northbound and southbound ramps,” it stated. “An additional on-ramp lane will be constructed for northbound parkway traffic.”

Additionally, “Hardin Valley Road will be widened to provide an additional turn lane for westbound traffic to access the newly constructed, two-lane northbound parkway ramp.

“Widening will also extend the turn lane for westbound traffic to access the southbound parkway ramp.”

Construction also will include a crash wall and a retaining wall for the parkway overpass bridge, as well as curb and gutter and drainage work.

“The entrance to the shopping center — northeast of the interchange — will also be reconstructed to accommodate the Hardin Valley Road widening, and new traffic signals will be installed at the interchange.”

The release stated the “greenway located near the on-ramp to Pellissippi Parkway South should have little to no impact from construction.”