letter to the editor

Center support, apartments ‘no’

My wife and I live in Turnberry Subdivision, immediately adjacent to the old Concord Historic District. We both support the proposed Farragut Town Center plan in the defunct Kroger shopping center location. However, we are very much opposed to the proposed development of 200 residential apartments as part of the overall plan.

We echo Terri Savage’s concern (farragutpress Aug. 27 issue) regarding the already large surge of morning and afternoon traffic on Concord Road. In the eight years we have lived here we have witnessed a huge increase in Concord Road traffic, primarily due to the large number of new residential developments in the Choto Road area and further west.

Those of us living in any of the existing residential developments east of Concord Road already find it very difficult to turn left (toward Northshore Drive) on Concord Road during rush hours. The closer the entry point is to the roundabout at Northshore Drive, the more difficult it is. The proposed 200 apartments will significantly exacerbate this problem. To make matters even worse, rezoning discussions for an additional 151 apartments along Concord Road is already under way.

A total of 351 new residential units will make it nearly impossible to enter Concord Road from the east toward Northshore Drive during work- and school-related rush hours. Given the large number of fixed entry points along the east side of Concord Road, I see no easy solution to this already difficult situation. Our plea: continue with the Town Center planning, but please drop the idea of including apartments in the plan.

Eddy Whitson