Champion pair

Like mom, Aimee ‘gold’en

  • Aimee Wagner shows the judge’s high scores and comments from her third U. S. Figure Skaters Association gold medal, which she won July 31. - Photo submitted

  • Wagner with her mother, Su Jackson Wagner, who competed in the 1984 Winter Olympic Games representing Great Britain. - Photo submitted

Aimee Wagner seemed destined to skate.

The daughter of British Olympic, World and European competitor Su Jackson Wagner, Aimee said she “has been at the ice rink since I was 7 months old — I was raised at Cool Sports,” and started skating at age 3. In recent years, the Farragut High School 2020 graduate has more than come into her own, earning three Senior-level gold medals of achievement from the U.S. Figure Skating Association and is on her way to earning a fourth.

It is not only a significant personal accomplishment, but Wagner also is the first member of Knoxville Figure Skating Club, based out of Cool Sports Home of the Icearium, to earn three gold medals in three different disciplines.

“It is a pretty big deal when you realize how very few skaters — less than 1 percent — actually achieve one gold medal,” Su said.

“I am very proud of her, as not only her mother, but as her life-long coach,” the former Olympian added.

Su, who coached her daughter through her Senior-level Moves in the Field and Free Skate noted Marcia Little of Cool Sports was Aimee’s coach for her third medal accolade in Senior Solo Free Dance. “She has worked very hard, and I am thrilled for her accomplishments,” mom said.

“It’s not always been easy, figure skating is hard, but with tenacity, determination and hard work she has persevered to come out on top,” she added.

To earn a medal, skaters must complete up to eight tests per level. Aimee achieved her third medal July 31 in Nashville and currently is working toward a fourth gold in Partnered Pattern Dance. “I do like competing,” said Aimee, comparing herself to siblings, Chloe and Ian, who also skate. “ I’ve always been the one on the more competitive side.”

Su, who skated professionally after her competitive career with international touring companies for many years before settling down in Farragut and coaching at Cool Sports, said even though all three of her children have a love for the ice — Ian plays hockey at the facility — she never forced their decisions.

“From the time they were little, I didn’t want them to feel pressured to skate just because I did,” she stated. “They did many other activities — both Aimee and Ian did gymnastics, while Chloe was involved in musical theater and chorus, but eventually all of them gravitated to their favorite sport, skating.”

Aimee, who currently is attending Pellissippi State Community College online with future plans in the medical field, has auditioned for Disney on Ice, a professional route Chloe successfully pursued until COVID-19 brought her back home.

Working as a Junior Skating coach for Cool Sports’ Learn to Skate program, Aimee also works at Longhorn Steakhouse in Turkey Creek.