letter to the editor

Push Concord Road safety near Concord Hills

My wife and I have lived in Concord Hills subdivision for more than 25 years. Concord Hills is a 300-plus single-family-home subdivision that was established long before Farragut and West Knox County experienced growth and developed the current Land Use Plan.

During that time we have witnessed much development in the Town of Farragut and surrounding areas that has dramatically increased the volume of traffic on Concord Road, primarily between Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike. The only point of access to and from the subdivision is within this two-lane segment of Concord Road.

The access point is situated just past the crest of a rise, and a curve in the road, and is located only a few hundred feet north of the intersection of Concord Road and Campbell Station Road. The increasing volume of traffic on this segment of Concord Road, combined with the current physical characteristics of the road, present dangerous conditions entering and exiting the subdivision, and traveling the roadway.

Before any rezoning or land development continues to occur along the Concord Road corridor, and any other areas of the Town and county that contribute increases in traffic volume to this corridor, the Town and the State need to improve the safety conditions of the this two-lane segment of Concord Road.

Allowing development to occur without providing adequate roadway capacity and safety measures is a mistake.

Therefore we, like many other residents within the vicinity of Concord Road, are concerned about increased traffic on Concord Road, and are opposed to the development of the apartment complexes (scheduled to be) considered by the Knox Planning Commission (before it was pulled. Read story starting on page 1A)

Jim Hall, Concord Hills