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• Is the Town of Farragut going to wait until someone gets killed at that first calming island (Grigsby Chapel Road)? I suggest we just put a tunnel underneath there similar to what Fox Den Country Club has. I’ve seen too many wrecks, and cars are running over trees there. Let’s be smart and get a tunnel there and do away with that calming island.

• I was absolutely appalled to read in (farragutpress) this week that our elected officials for the Town of Farragut have put considerable restrictions on who can speak at Town meetings, how long they can speak, and it sounds like — based on the description of when and for what part of the agenda — what they can say. Nobody is allowed to say something somebody else has said, even if is, apparently, in support of what another person or group of people have said. This is appalling. This is not democracy. The Town officials who voted this new set of rules and regulations should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Now I can understand respect, needing to put time limits on things, and also setting up a list of people who have asked to speak at the Town meetings and workshops. However, now with the pandemic, they want you to come down to the Town Hall and fill out paperwork. This could easily be done online. And if they really cared about the citizens of Farragut, that is what would be required. Next election, vote them all out