KCSO police reports

• At 5:39 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 19, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit was dispatched to a Moser Lane residence to investigate a report of a person being injured by a cat that required stitches. Complaint had been checked by an urgent care facility due to one victim requiring 19 stitches. Officer made contact with victim No. 1, a male, and victim No. 2, his wife. Officer asked both victims what happened, and victim 1 advised they had been feeding a stray outside cat for about a year, and decided to bring the cat inside to take it to a vet. I asked how they got the cat inside the residence, and victim 1 advised with a live trap.

He then advised he was attempting to place the cat inside a cat carrier, and the cat did swipe at him, causing a laceration to his left pinkie finger. After this occurred, victim 1 went to the urgent care facility and received seven stitches. While he was gone, his wife, victim 2, attempted to put the cat in the carrier. The cat attacked victim 2 and caused a severe laceration on top of her head, which required 19 staples. I asked if any of the injuries were bites, and both victims advised no. Injuries were caused by the cat claws. Officer advised both parties the cat is most likely feral and unable to be tamed. I did advise them how to properly secure the cat in a kennel, and advised to speak with their vet in regards to the cat. Officer also advised them of the community cat program and advised them to contact the shelter if they have any questions.