letter to the editor

Update on attempt to ‘pick’ Law Director

I would like to give a brief update to Knox County’s 5th District and Town of Farragut residents of the upcoming election and the proposed amendment about the Knox County Law Director. I will give another update in a few weeks, but for now I am going to share a few things as the 5th District 2020 Knox County Charter Review Committee representative.

Since my last update, and also warning of a “core group” working under the direction of Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs (via his Mayoral appointments), this “core group” is still actively pursuing (as reported recently in other news publications) various attacks on the Knox County Law Director’s office and this ballot measure. Again, this “core group” is comprised of current paid advisors/consultants of the Mayor, and/or are former elected bureaucrats, and/or have “business” regularly with Knox County. This “core group” has been waging a coup on Knox County ever since this measure was improperly and unethically brought before the KCCRC (as documented in public record) after already failing in a vote and being determined to be “dead by rule” via the governing rules of this committee (i.e. Robert’s Rules of Order).

In response to counter these negative efforts towards the citizens of Knox County (“we the people”), a grassroots effort has come together from all walks of life (demographics, political affiliations, cultures, and various communities) to bring awareness of the pending and very extreme ballot measure against Knox County citizens, stakeholders, and voters.

A “single-measure committee” was recently formed titled “Committee to Save Our Right to Vote” by a very diverse group of professional public administrators, ethical community leaders, and various volunteers who believe in having a voice and a right to vote is essential to being free people of a Republic founded by those who embrace liberty. I fully support not only this committee’s mission but also the values and the quality of people that are embracing it. You can find out more (and please check back often) about the Committee to Save Our Right to Vote at www.SaveOurRightToVote.com and you may contact them to volunteer, donate, and/or to educate yourself and friends.

The proposed amendment on the upcoming November ballot (early voting begins on October 14th) is as follows:

“Shall the Knox County Charter be amended to take away from the people the ability to vote for the Knox County Law Director by changing this elected office to an office appointed by the Mayor, subject to Commission approval, and subject to removal by majority vote plus one (1) of Commission for cause and reduce the duties of the office by allowing the Commission to hire its own attorney and allowing the School Board to hire its own attorney, effective September 1, 2024?”

The simple answer is to vote “NO” on this proposed charter amendment for you to protect your voice and right to vote! Please start thinking about the election now as voting is just a few weeks away and please exercise your right to vote while also protecting your right to vote. Again, I will give another update in the near future and thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Bill Johns, MBA, MPA

5th District / Town of Farragut Resident