Heating up

HOTWORX franchise opens gym in Hardin Valley

  • Members at a HOTWORX gym, similar to the HOTWORX opening in Hardin Valley, work out in a sauna that uses infrared heat to warm up the body while exercising. - Photo submitted

An innovative fitness gym, HOTWORX Knoxville, is opening at 10839 Hardin Valley Road to help people warm up to exercise this month.

An official opening Sunday, Nov. 1, follows the gym’s soft opening Wednesday, Oct. 14.

“As of right now, we are by appointment only (until Nov. 1),” said Angeliccaa Edwards, general manager of Hardin Valley HOTWORX. “The VIP members are coming in first to have an exclusive workout.

“HOTWORX is a 24-hour, infrared fitness studio,” she added. “So, you will work out more in less time through our 3-D virtual training.

“Infrared alone works at the cellular level, and it’s going to increase your core temperature, causing you to sweat, burn more calories. In a 30-minute workout, you would be looking at burning anywhere from 300 to 400 calories. “

Giving more detail, “We call it the after burn, but when you leave to go home or run errands, the core temperature of your body is accelerated and it’s increased,” Edwards said, “So as your body is trying to get back to the homeostatic temperature, you are going to burn calories on the way down.

In an hour of after burn, a person would burn another 300 to 400 calories.

Assistant manager Kelsey Bruder said the infrared method is safe, and in addition to burning calories, it also works to improve joint health and mobility and reduce inflammation.

HOTWORX offers seven 63-square-foot saunas that hold three members each.

“We have isometric workouts that range anywhere from yoga and Pilates to Barre None, core, buns, bands and then we have high-intensity workouts, where we have cycle and Blast, a full body workout,” Edwards said.

The gym also has a functional zone, or FX zone, where customers cross-train — strength train — in between workouts or before or after workouts.

For more information about membership and appointments, visit online at https://hotworx.net/studio/knoxville-hardin valley/ or call 865-297-3668.