Rematch: Davis vs. Zachary – Justin Davis – Democrat

Local Democrat again challenges GOP incumbent for Dist. 14 state House seat

What are some of the most important issues facing this state and/or your constituents in District 14, and why are you better suited to tackle those issues in the General Assembly?

“The issue most important to me is the threat posed by the Tennessee GOP to our public education system. Many may already know that my opponent was the deciding vote when the State House took a vote on school vouchers. Initially he voted against vouchers. After an unusual break in the vote he flipped his vote in favor of vouchers.

“I think District 14 deserves better representation and not dirty politics in which representatives sell their votes. My opponent (whose child attends private school) sold out public education and voted to divert public funds to private schools.

“We must also pass Medicaid expansion. This is especially important as we face an unprecedented pandemic. Many Tennesseans are left without access to healthcare because my opponent refuses to pass Medicaid expansion. He has also attacked the Board of Health. He even co-wrote the video that attacked the Board of Health.

“In these troubling times, we need leaders who are looking after the health and well-being of our citizens.

“We need a government that works for the people and not government that dictates to the people. I believe in an open-door policy, and I am talking to voters from all political spectrums. No matter the outcome of the elections in November, the other side will still be there.

“We must learn to listen; we can disagree respectfully, but in the end we can come together to make Tennessee an even better place to live. I always say, we all want the same things: good jobs, a clean environment, access to healthcare and great schools for our children. The devil is in the details. How do we make these things happen? Unlike my opponent, I am willing to reach across the aisle to get results that get positive results for Tennesseans.”

What are two things you are most proud of in your public life? This can include any causes you have fought for, awards, personal qualities that make you a nice fit for District 14, and/or what you’ve learned from life experiences?

“I am very proud of this campaign and all the hard work that has been put in by so many fantastic volunteers. I feel we have really made a difference and we will always continue to fight on behalf of Tennesseans.

“Still, one of the things I am most proud of is my service as an after-school tutor and coach. Seeing a child’s face light up after they solve a tough math problem, seeing their excitement after passing an important test or watching them score their first goal in soccer was extremely rewarding.

“I encourage everyone who can to take time to volunteer in some way. It is easy to donate money, but donating time to others is both priceless and very rewarding.”