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• Just curious: was it not about this time a year ago that the Concord Road widening was originally supposed to have been finished? And then they announced it would be about another year, which is now? And they just now switched to the other side to complete paving and widening of it. Will it ever end?

• Today is Thursday, Oct. 22. I see, as of yesterday morning — Wednesday the 21st — after tearing out the steps at least once (concerning the new park construction behind and beside historic Campbell Station Inn), the steps and sidewalk at the northwest corner of (North) Campbell Station (Road) at Kingston Pike look all complete and nice and neat. Oh, wait, I just drove by and part of the sidewalk going into the lot on Campbell Station is all broken up and torn up. Apparently a two-section piece of the sidewalk has been torn out again. One of these days, the Town of Farragut will get a contractor to get things right the first time. Maybe.

• Why are the Mayor and Aldermen fighting so hard to put the new Town Center on the worst possible building site? Last Thursday (Oct. 22), we learned that Horne Properties is under contract to develop (former Farragut Mayor) Eddy Ford’s land ... Half of the Biddle Farm (property) is in the FEMA 100-Year Floodplain. Why on earth move the Town Center to a site that is undevelopable? Remember when Aubrey’s wanted to enlarge their parking lot and patio, and (a former) Mayor and Aldermen said “no” because it was in a floodplain? Now building in a floodplain is a good idea?