Ex-alderman supports BOMA on Town Center

letters to the editor

As a member of the former Farragut Community Group, I would like to make it known that I fully support the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen and what they are attempting to accomplish with the proposed (former) Kroger (property) development.

This concept is not new.

It was a dream of my late husband (former Mayor Dr. Ralph McGill) to see this come to fruition. When he was mayor, he and myself visited at least four areas of the country where this has been successfully done.

We came away with very positive feelings about the residential/commercial concept being proposed. I have full faith in our Town planners and their abilities to make this a great community spot.

When we incorporated may years ago, many said they wanted things to stay the same and that what was proposed could not be done. They were proven wrong, and I suspect that would be the case in this situation.

As for the increased traffic load, I understand that in upcoming school plans we will be losing approximately 200 students in our schools. This would make a significant difference.

I say we need to be proactive in what we develop, especially considering our competition with Turkey Creek and surrounding areas and the economy as it is today.

Marianne McGill, former Farragut alderman