Second Saturday Concert Series

  • Weiner dogs, from left, Baxter, Winnie and Frankie, are joined by Trish Russell, left, her son, Kyle Russell, and his girlfriend, Amy Johnson - photos by Alan Sloan

  • Janice Cate and boyfriend, Rick Cassidy - photos by Alan Sloan

  • Dimitri Georgopoulos and friend, Donna McEntee - photos by Alan Sloan

  • Included among the Malone and Zachary siblings are, in back, Rha’niyah Zachary, 8, and from left in front, Caleb Malone, 6; Jeremiah Zachary, 6; James Zachary, 3; Aden Casmir, 3; Chandler Malone, 4; and Leilani Evans, 2. - photos by Alan Sloan

  • Marie Averett and husband, James Averett - photos by Alan Sloan

  • Martina Sturgill and boyfriend, Dyron Holt, with their dog - photos by Alan Sloan

  • Nancy Guertin and husband, Phil Guertin - photos by Alan Sloan

  • Left Foot Dave and the Magic Hats - photos by Alan Sloan

Proving to be popular with boyfriends and their girlfriends, not to mention big families and couples, Left Foot Dave and the Magic Hats provided the singing entertainment as The Second Saturday Concert Series continued in The Cove at Concord Park, 11808 S. Northshore Drive, Saturday evening, Aug. 8.

Left Foot Dave and the Magic Hats combined a brand of blues and original material, which spans seven decades from Chicago, the Muddy Ole Mississippi Delta, Texas and a bit of Cajun spice.

The free concerts, held from July through September, ran from 6 to 8 p.m., on the second Saturday of each month.

The music of Kudzu closed out the season at The Cove Saturday evening, Sept. 12.