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• It’s good that we will have a Mixed Use Town Center in Farragut. I think the Eddy Ford property, which the family has owned since 1911, would be the ideal spot right beside Town Hall (along Kingston Pike, which is what Farragut businessman/developer Doug Horne is proposing. Horne is owner of Republic Newspapers, Inc., parent company of farragutpress). It would be an extension of Municipal Drive right beside Town Hall. And then (coming from across Kingston Pike) an extension of Jamestowne Boulevard. We wish the best for the other location behind the old Kroger, but we think the Ford property would be a lot better. Hopefully the Town will be fair about this; they can’t run over private property rights. They cannot just pick one property for a Mixed Use Town Center, when the Mixed Use Town Center overlay zoning idea has been in place since 2012. Eddy Ford’s property was always the one that everyone talked about for a Mixed Use Town Center with medical office, retail, out-lots and the higher density residential for millennials and young professionals, which we need in Farragut. So let’s be fair about it Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

• After reading the farragutpress this morning (Oct. 29 issue), I was outraged to see the continual abuse of power by the Town of Farragut officials over individual property rights. (Hoping) that somebody would fight back; and finally, I think we have found that individual. Mr. (Doug) Horne, I would encourage you to fight back for all the property owners here in Farragut. This is a blatant abuse of power by Town officials (see notes about Horne in previous presstalk).