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• I’d like to say congratulations to retiring Town receptionist Bettye Newby (story and photos in Nov. 5 issue of farragutpress, beginning on page 1A) for her long period of service to the community. She was always, always such a smiling face in the (Town Hall) office, and every time I did business there I made a point of going to see Bettye to see how she was. Not only in the business community, but in the general community she was just the sweetest neighbor to my mother.

I will always remember that. So I wish you the best in your retirement, and enjoy all those grandkids and great-grandkids, Bettye. Your name will live on in our community for having one of the sweetest smiles in the Town (Hall).

• Claims by the Mayor (Ron Williams) and Town attorney (Tom Hale) that major changes were not made on the vote to move the proposed Mixed Use Town Center to the Biddle Farm (old Kroger location) from the Eddy Ford (property) are ludicrous. The claim by the mayor and the Town attorney that the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Steering Committee met the standard for significant public outreach is even more ridiculous. The Town attorney said to the farragutpress: “You are dealing with adjectives that have relative meaning.” What is a major change or upgrade? I can make a pretty sound argument that these changes are not major. What does “significant public outreach” mean? This is like when Bill Clinton asked what the meaning of the word “is” is? Farragut should elect the Town attorney just like Knox County does. This is unacceptable. … The Board of Mayor and Aldermen have violated a Farragut ordinance, and the claims of the Town attorney are clearly false. Moving the proposed Mixed-Use Town Center from the Ford (property), which is perfect for construction, to the Biddle Farm that requires thousands of dump trucks of fill dirt, is as major a change as there can be. The people of south Farragut do not want to endure thousands of dump trucks driving through our largest school zone. Move the proposed Mixed-Use Town Center back to the Ford (property) where the people of Farragut said it should be. (Editor’s note: Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen never took a formal vote to “move” the Town Center from the Eddy Ford property to the Biddle Farm property)