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I was surprised at the headline of the farragutpress (top of page 1A, Nov. 12 issue), ‘A Biddle bit of Center detail.’ I certainly share the editorial comments (after) Mayor Ron Williams and Town attorney (Tom Hale said) major changes were not made on the vote to move the proposed Mixed Use Town Center — I think that’s absurd.

I really thought that the Ford plan was an excellent one, (which would build a Town Center on property owned by former Town Mayor Eddy Ford along Kingston Pike about a half-mile west of the Pike’s intersection with Campbell Station Road. Though that plan died in 2009, Doug Horne, prominent developer and businessman who owns Republic Newspapers, Inc. — parent company of farragutpress — recently has expressed interest in revitalizing the Ford option).

And I am disappointed and saddened that the mayor and the Town attorney have not considered this seriously, as a lot of people — including myself — would prefer that due to many, many problems with the location of the Town Center on the Biddle Farm (property).

(Editor’s note: once again, it should be noted the Board of Mayor and Aldermen never formally “voted” to choose the Biddle Farm property, which is located at and behind the old Kroger location)